* New Roofs:

Is your roof past it's life expectancy or are you looking to update the appearance of your home/building? Our estimates for new roof installations, include the tear off of the existing roof down to wood, inspection of wood & change out of damaged plywood, installation of new pipe collars/static vents/ice and water shield/shingles and dumpster rental. Most roofing jobs come with a labor warranty, as well as a manufacturer's warranty on the shingles. (Upgrades available...ie: ridge vent, higher quality shingles, synthetic roofing paper, etc.)

Vibrations caused from nailing of roof can loosen nails or screws in the structures interior & exterior walls. Murray Home Improvements is not liable for any screws, nails or other hanging/support that become loose from the structure. The homeowner is fully responsible for any adjustments, replacements or repairs.

Murray Home Improvements is not responsible for damage to any plumbing, electrical or A/C elated lines that are existing in the structure and have been installed too close to the roof's sheeting.

 *Roof Repairs:

A leaky roof can lead to significant damage to the structure of your home/building. They often go on for weeks/months unattended. The longer you wait, it is causing even more damage to wooden trusses and rafters, saturating your insulation and destroying drywall on the inside of your home. Our professional roofers have the experience needed to find your roof leak and fix it right the first time. Don't wait for mold to occur, give us a call at the first sign of a leak. We offer repairs starting as low as $100.  (Some repairs to include: missing shingles/holes in roof/new flashing/damaged pipe collars/etc.)


Add new vinyl siding to your home to give it a completely new look that lasts a lifetime. Quotes available for new soffit and custom aluminum trim wrap as well.

* Windows*

At Murray, we install energy efficient new construction/replacement windows from top of the line manufactures. We use Argonne filled, low-e windows, with/without grids, to high end decorative glass windows. (Brands such as Simontin and Wincore.)

* Custom Aluminum Trim

Installing new PVC coated aluminum trim metal to your home will prevent rot, water damage, carpenter bees and is maintenance free. Never paint again or worry about rotten wood again. Decorative custom aluminum trim wrap that lasts a lifetime.

*Seamless Gutters

Proper rain gutters are needed to protect your homes foundation. We install seamless aluminum/copper gutters. Seamless gutters are in popular demand today. We have our own gutter machine and will run off the gutters on site for installation. We use standard 5" gutters and they are available in many colors. Keep in mind that the price varies for different colors. Are you tired of expensive yearly gutter cleanings? Ask us about installing gutter guards with your new gutters!

* Flooring *

Install new flooring to your home for a new look. Great labor prices on installation on laminate flooring.

* Decks *

Custom built deck at MJ's Tavern on Granby St. in Norfolk. Give us a call and we will work together to customize your deck!


We can also custom build your fence! This is a stick built privacy fence. It was put together piece by piece as opposed to pre-built panels!

We also specialize in other areas such as bathroom renovations, dump-trailer rental/trash clean up and removal.


You can request an estimate on our Quotes page or give us a call at 757-236-9044. You can also text your information. If we do not answer, please, leave a detailed message and we will get back with you within a business day.

There's one thing about Murray Home Improvements that many of our competitors don't have.....we don't sub-contract our work! All of our jobs are estimated and done by Kevin Murray.  We know that once you create a business relationship with Murray, you will be a customer for life. Thank you for your business and your trust.

We can get out to give you an estimate in as little as a couple of days. Most jobs are started and finished within a couple of weeks if not sooner. The value that we offer can not be matched. Get your home repairs done in a personal, yet professional business manner!

** We strongly advise our homeowners to properly prepare for their project by:

-Remove breakable items from walls or shelves inside the home. (The vibrations from hammering could cause things to fall.)
-Cover/move furniture under skylights.
-Cover anything in the attic you do not want getting dusty.
-Cut off power to all attic fans. Murray does not handle any electrical issues.
-Remove all breakables from around the outside of the property.
-Clear driveway. Remove all cars out of work areas.
-Keep children/pets safely away from the work area.
-Be prepared for noise associated with the job.