30 year Architectural shingles

3 tab vs. architectural shingles

* 3 tab shingles  *                                             * Architectural shingles *

-GAF Royal Sovereign shingles.            - Timberline GAF-HD /Owen's Corning/Certainteed shingles.

-25 year shingles.                              - Dura-Grip adhesive seals.

-Dura-Grip adhesive seals.                  - 130 mph wind resistance.

-Many color options to choose from.     -30 year/50 year Ultra shingles.

-Flat appearance.                              -Many color options to choose from.

-Fungus resistent.                              -Fungus resistant.

Signs of needing a new roof

* Roof's Age: Most roofs last 20-25 years. If you have owned your home for 15 years or more, consider getting a roof evaluation.

* Missing/curled shingles, caused by wind exposure/water absorption.

* Algae: Brown or black streaks on roof. Occurs often in warm, humid climates.

* Attic leaks/dark spots (rotting).

* Drywall damage on ceilings.

* Chimney flashing: If your flashing consists of roof cement or tar, you may need a new metal flashing kit.

* Granule loss on asphalt shingles. (Often seen in gutters.)

Flat roofs

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-Leaking roof?

-Missing shingles.

-Critters creating holes in your roof?

How much will it cost to install a new roof on my home?

There are many factors thay one must consider when wanting to replace their roof. Afterall, your roof will be the most important home remodeling project you will do to your home?

* Size:The size of your roof is the main factor in determining your roof's cost. We charge by the square footage with a number comprised of both materials and labor.

* Height and Pitch:The higher and steeper your roof, the higher the price for your roof install. The reason being, the job becomes more difficult and more dangerous for our crew!

* Removal of old shingles:Each roof is different. Depending upon how large your roof is and how many layers of shingles your roof currently has will be factored in when pricing your roof. We include removal and disposal of shingles in our estimates.

* Shingle Quality:Homeowners have many options when it comes to shingles. Manufacturer's offer 25 year, 30 year and Lifetime warranties. There are different brands such as Timberline, CertainTeed, Owen's Corning and Roof Shield. There are also many color options available.

* Extras:You may want to consider replacing roof flashing or adding ridge vent for more ventilation for your roof. We also offer seamless gutters at an affordable price. Ask us how to save some money when combining your roof with another remodel project such as custom aluminum trim.